August 29, 2016

100 Lives: Grupo Masari Finds Its Niche Producing Exceptional Tortilla Flour

Luis Barrios, Misael Bazán, Angélica Guerra, Eduardo Reyes, and Luis Spidonla met as students at the Instituto Tecnológico de Morelia, Mexico. Through JA Michoacán (a part of JA México and JA Americas), the five started out creating tortillas for sale, and soon saw a need for commercial tortilla flour. Now they've started a business, Grupo Masari, that prepares and sells flour for tortillas. Without giving away their trade secret, we can tell you that they mix sorghum with white maize, and they continue to tweak the recipe for better and better results.

We're proud to present Grupo Masari as part of our 100 Lives series, which features JA alumni who are making a difference in the world.

Thanks to JA Mexico, JA Americas, FedEx, Persistent Productions, and Kate's Lens Photography for helping us capture Grupo Masari's venture.