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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Idea?

The JA Alumni Accelerator Award, sponsored by FedEx, supports JA alumni who are accelerating business ideas from theory to reality.

Winners of the JA Alumni Accelerator Award receive one of two cash prizes: US$12,500 or $7,500, plus mentorship from JA alumni entrepreneurs, bringing the alumni journey full circle!

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Who Can Apply?

JA alumni with great business ideas can apply for the awards as an individual or with potential business partners. At least one of the future co-founders must be a JA alum.

How Do I Apply?

As you scroll down, you’ll see the application form. There, you’ll do the following:

  1. Submit an elevator pitch of your business idea by creating a video or audio clip that explains your idea in 30 seconds. Make sure you:

    • Identify your goal.

    • Explain what you do.

    • Communicate your unique selling point.

    • Sum it up in one sentence.

  2. Create a detailed rollout plan for your business idea, including the following:

    • A budget overview, including cost, potential funding, partners, etc. (link to budget template)

    • How funds will be used, including an outline for how it supports company advancement to incubation or launch. Check out a sample budget worksheet.

    • The product niche of your service/product. What need does it fill?

    • A detailed explanation of your service/product.

    • Your team. If you have one in place, please describe it. If not, predict how many people you would need and when you will hire them

    • How many jobs do you anticipate creating and what impact will your business have on your community.

  3. Describe yourself (for example, your country, education, studies, work, hobbies, etc.) and your JA journey, including:

    • Which JA program you participated in

    • Which product/service you created while in JA

    • Any trade fairs and/or competitions you participated in and any awards you may have won

    • Your involvement in alumni activities in your country or region

    • Why you want to start your own company and whether your participation in a JA program influenced you

    • How you as entrepreneur will make an impact on and improve the world (be specific)

Check out the full scoring rubric for details on how each piece will be judged!



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Enter Today!

Entries for the JA Alumni Accelerator Award, sponsored by FedEx, are accepted from September 1, 2019, through November 30, 2019.

Please note that, by submitting your JA Alumni Accelerator Award application, you verify that you are a JA alumnus and not a JA employee or paid contractor, and you agree that JA Worldwide can use your submission for evaluation and marketing related to the award. All fields in the application must be completed. JA Worldwide will not use your email address for any purpose other than contacting you. No purchase is necessary to apply for the JA Alumni Accelerator Award. See complete rules at jaworldwide.org/ja-alumni-accelerator-award-rules.

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