JA Asia Pacific


Seventeen-year-old Rizky Wijayanti from Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, counts herself lucky that her high school was one of four chosen for the Prestasi Junior Indonesia (PJI) program. “Why lucky?” she asked. “Because through PJI programs, I’ve had a chance to learn about leadership and business skills from professional employees and business practitioners.” Through the program, she was also given the opportunity to shadow and work with the management of global companies like GE.

Rizky participated in a number of PJI programs, including JA Job Shadow, JA Leadership Training, and JA Company Program, during which she built a company from the ground up. As President of Confident Student Company, Rizky and her teammates produced Chameleon Shoes: footwear that can be turned inside out, giving the wearer two colors and styles for the price and storage space of one pair of shoes. Confident won Indonesia’s Company of the Year competition, and then went on to represent Indonesia at the Asia Pacific regional competition, thanks to support from the GE Lighting factory in Sleman. It was Rizky’s first time abroad, and the experience heightened her entrepreneurial aspirations, especially her ability to create jobs and reduce unemployment in Sleman. “I love being an entrepreneur,” Rizky says. “Thanks so much to PJI and GE for creating my pathway to a brighter future.” The future looks very bright indeed for Rizky.